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Restaurant Branding. Conceptual design. logo, style guide, menus, gift card + everything inbetween

The Urban Landscape Partnership

Landscape Architect Branding. Conceptual design. logo + brand elements

Bespoke Jeweller Branding. Conceptual design. logo, style guide + brand elements

Launch brochure design and 'setting the style' for new London charity start-up Young Hammersmith & Fulham Foundation


Ink + pencil. Commissioned series of stylised artworks, representing movie posters

GALVIN Demoiselle Harrods

Intricate design of the 'dragonfly lady - Demoiselle’.

Plus coneptual design for Galvin La Chapelle identitiy


365 Challenge SUCCESS: Create a piece of 'heart' inspired art daily for 1 year + blog about it...

Working with the team behind the fundraising for Dining Out For Life at San Francisco Aids Foundation

Vector artwork element creation for jewellery firm. Illustratve and graphic design service provided

Winning Design

Winning illustration for the Royal Parks Half Marathon T-shirt design  

Graphic Design + Illustration

Science Information illustrations and fundraising graphics for Breast Cancer Care

One of 10 Finalists In an online competition to create a piece of artwork for Cutty Sark Whisky


From a young age I mastered drawing with a pencil.

I take regular commissions for portraits

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Competition Winner

Limited edition logo to sit with existing brand.

My winning logo was used everywhere - all year!

Conceptual Design

Creative development and communication is proven by succesful branding + collaboration with agencies

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